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Wired Networking


CiscoHP-ProCurveNetworkingCisco is the world leader in corporate and service provider networking. We specialize in designing and implementing complete business solution based on Cisco products and recommendations.


HP / Aruba has emerged as number two leader in enterprise, education and small medium business segment networking. We have long experience in engineering and installing HP and Aruba products and solutions.
Wireless Networking


Wireless Communications A Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) implements a flexible voice /data communication system frequently augmenting rather than replacing a wired LAN within a building or campus. Campus and Hotel wide Wireless Internet coverage for Guests, students and customers is a growing but challenging requirement to fulfil. Wireless also allows secure and high speed buildings interconnect for nearby business locations to be interlinked to form an extended LAN, thus eliminating needs for expensive teleco leased lines.
VOIP Telephony


VOIP Telephony Network Facilities can help you plan, engineer and deploy SMB and Enterprise grade VOIP solutions from Cisco, Avaya, Mitel and Grandstream.Compared to traditional telephony, voice-over-Internet-Protocol (VoIP) solutions present new and different security challenges and QoS requirements. We help you assess, plan, engineer and implement the complete infrastructure for a Greenfield or Migration of old Nortel / Norstar and 3Com NBX to the feature rich and cost effective systems.

Network Security & Virtual Private Networking


NetworkSecurityVirtualPrivateNetworkingNetwork security is a business necessity. Protecting information assets, voice and data has never been more important, while the threats have never been  so varied. VPN permits secure and cost effective site to site and telecommuters / employees access to company wide resources.

Cellular & Paging Systems

CellularPagingSystemsMany businesses cannot afford to miss a phone call, be it even a cellular call. We do provide in building coverage enhancement systems to achieve better signal strength throughout facility. Some businesses, like construction sites, hospitals and schools have needs for onsite private alphanumeric paging systems and others have need for overhead speakers based paging systems. We provide solutions for all these requirements.

IP Video Surveillance & Door Access Control Services


IPSurveillance_th Wired & Wireleess IP Surveillance Camera systems, RFID, Large Screen Displays are some of other systems that we can help you implement.
Networking Hardware & Break-Fix

NetworkingHardwareBreak-FixNot only we are competitive in supply of hardware but we are also in a position to undertake any of your general server / network maintenance and support needs.


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